“I have experienced a variety of massages over the years, but the Warm Bamboo technique surpasses them all. My muscles feel so happy afterwards and the effect lasts for days. As a physician I would encourage my patients as well as friends and family to pay Ronne a visit. She is like a magician with her warm bamboo.”
Stephen B. Oshry, MD, San Rafael, CA

“From the moment you enter Ronne’s elegant, tranquil massage studio, your body starts relaxing and settling down. Then, you melt into the most incredible massage table I’ve ever experienced, and the magic begins. The warm bamboo at once creates deeply penetrating waves of relaxation. You find yourself wondering if it’s Ronne’s hands or the bamboo that are kneading and massaging, because the bamboo actually feel pliable – amazing! I highly recommend this unique and exceptionally rare experience.”
Anne Kennedy, Real Estate Broker, Marin

“The massage was so effortlessly and painlessly deep that I was taken to an entirely new level of relaxation. And the effects of the massage lasted longer than any other massage I have ever had. I use massage as a way of managing my lower back pain. With this technique, I think I can finally get to the source of the problem and resolve it rather than simply manage it.”
Susan M, San Rafael, CA

“I loved the warm bamboo massage. It softened my chronically tight muscles to make them ready for Ronne’s expert hands!” Stacy Turner, Attorney, San Rafael

“Combining Ronne’s extraordinary expertise with the Warm Bamboo treatment gave me a luxurious experience of deep tension release, deep relaxation, and a healing effect that lasted for days. After settling into the wonderfully comfortable and supportive cushions, the treatment began and before long I was drifting off into a state very close to sleep.”
Donna C, Skin Care Specialist

“The whole experience was wonderful. Ronne Mariah’s office is very calming and peaceful; I felt immediately a sense of relaxation on her massage table, which seems to conform to the body perfectly. I have a lot of pain in my hands from tendinitis. The feel of the warm and smooth bamboo on my hands and arms was very soothing and relieved a lot of tension. Ronne has a lot of strength and her work on the muscles of my neck and shoulders helped those muscles relax.” Suzanne Lacke, Artist, Berkeley, CA

warm bamboo sports massage“Ronne’s intuitive massage therapy skills become almost magical in combination with the warm bamboo. The tension-reducing effects seem to last longer than an ordinary massage. Her caring nature and professionalism make me feel extremely well taken care of. Ronne’s clients are lucky people!” Nena Dasher, Tiburon, CA

“Working in front of a computer all day, my shoulder and neck muscles get really tense. The warm bamboo massage works much better for me as the heat penetrates and more of the tension is released. I literally feel “like a noodle” when I leave Ronne’s office and it lasts for days!”
Marilyn O, Bookkeeper, San Rafael, CA

“The combination of experienced hands and warmth of the bamboo makes for a wonderfully relaxing time and leaves you with no tension. It helps relieve muscle spasm much more thoroughly due to the warmth. It is one more reason why I recommend Ronne to my patients for massage.”
Marilyn Britton, Chiropractor, Corte Madera, CA

“I suffer from back pain and migraines and I find that Ronne’s massage relaxes me and alleviates my pain better than any other massage therapist I’ve ever used. Ronne gives a deep tissue massage on an incredibly comfortable table. I’ve noticed with the warm bamboo that my muscles stay relaxed longer.”
Thurlow Washam, Graphic Designer San Francisco, CA

“The heat from the bamboo permeated into my muscles and the rolling motion was so relaxing and helped my tight muscles and tension areas. Somehow with the bamboo she was able to get at spots and soothe the tension. After the massage there was no tightness and I was completely relaxed. I have trouble with leg spasms at night and have not had one since I started the Bamboo massage.”
Connie M, Tiburon, CA

“I’m a fairly serious bike-rider and headed out this morning with a friend on our usual forty-one mile loop. It was chilly, overcast, and very windy. But I had lots of energy, even on the uphills, which is unusual for me. I can only ascribe how relaxed and strong I felt with yesterday’s incredible massage. Also had a terrific night’s sleep. The warm bamboo massage is amazing. It soothes at such a deep level. Tension doesn’t have a chance!”
Barbara D, Cyclist Fairfax, CA

“I am a recreational athlete, and need to keep my muscles healthy and strong. Ronne is simply the best massage therapist I’ve been to. She can read my body, and knows what kind of massage I need each time I see her. Her office is a warm environment, and easy to relax in – essential ingredients for a good massage. And, she’s constantly learning and growing to provide you the best care.”
Michael Tarnoff, cyclist, San Rafael, CA

“I have neck and back injuries due to a car accident. The warm bamboo “softened” the knots enough for Ronne to work on me without pain or aggravation and I got immediate relief. It was an amazing experience.” Lynn Walker, Executive Coach

“I just had the warm bamboo massage and in just one session my posture has vastly improved! I am standing more upright, shoulders back….I feel great.”
Sunita Rao, Long Term Care Insurance, Corte Madera

“I especially love Ronne’s Warm Bamboo Massage. The tension melts away and I feel relaxed and peaceful.”
Susan Keel, San Rafael, CA

“We loved the warm bamboo and your comfy table. The heat of the roller just felt so deep and relaxing, with more even pressure. Ronne certainly found every sore area and addressed it.”
Fred and Janalee, Golfers

“My weekly massages are a treat that I couldn’t do without. And now, the warm bamboo is an added bonus. I’m able to just melt and relax.”
Christine S, Attorney San Francisco, CA

warm bamboo sports massage“I have chronic back pain and Ronne’s expert fingers find every knot and tense spot. The warm bamboo feels like it melts my muscles and the effects of the massage last far longer than I’ve ever experienced. Ronne has the best massage table. The way she has it set up and padded, it’s like floating on a cloud.” Anne Lieberman, Lefkoe Method Facilitator, San Rafael, CA

“Until you’ve had a ‘warm bamboo’ massage by Ronne, you truly can’t imagine how good a massage can feel. I felt 5 pounds lighter afterwards from the tension and tight muscles that had disappeared. Her hands, the oil, the warm bamboo – it’s an amazing combination!” Nancy B

“I have been enjoying the benefits of Ronne Mariah’s considerable talents as a massage therapist for several years. Her warm bamboo massage is wonderful, the heat penetrating, healing and delicious, and feels remarkably like her hands, not bamboo!” Estelle S, Landscape Designer, Berkeley, CA

“No one has ever been able to match Ronne’s ability to find and relax those tight knots. Her work on my back and neck has kept me functioning and comfortable for years!” Katharine H, Tiburon, CA

Pain and tension melt away with Warm Bamboo Massage

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