“The massage was so effortlessly and painlessly deep that I was taken to an entirely new level of relaxation. And the effects of the massage lasted longer than any other massage I have ever had.” Susan M.

Treatments the way you like them

All treatments are customized just for you, with personalized adjustments to the pressure, the type of strokes and the technique, so it’s always just right.

Just lie on the table and you’ll start to relax

No more lying face down on a flat uncomfortable surface. You’ll sink into layers of thick fleece on special cushions that contour to the shape of your body. It’s like lying on a cloud.




A therapeutic massage that gets rid of even the most stubborn knots and muscle tension. The warmth from the bamboo penetrates deeply into the muscles to decrease spasm and relieve stress. Pain and tension melt away. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

60 minutes…$110     75 minutes…$130     90 minutes…$150

BAMBOO BLISS: Warm Bamboo Massage with Special Treat for Your Feet

A relaxing Warm Bamboo Massage plus a Treat for Your Feet. Along with your body massage, Warm Bamboo is used to  stimulate the foot reflexology points followed by a soothing foot massage using special emollients to leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. This deeply relaxing wellness treatment balances all the body systems leaving you feeling rested and energized.

75 minutes…$135     90 minutes…$155

BAMBOO HEAVEN: Warm Bamboo Massage, Anti-Aging Facial Treatment, & Special Treat for Your Feet

The Ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.
Warm Bamboo Massage, Facial Treatment & Treat For Feet

90 minutes…$165

Pain and tension melt away with Warm Bamboo Massage


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