Frequently Asked Questions

How did Warm Bamboo Massage start?

Nathalie Cecilia, a French massage therapist living in Florida, developed her technique of Bamboo-Fusion™ in 2004 in response to a client who kept asking for deeper pressure. This therapy is now approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and taught throughout the US and other countries. Ronne Mariah is one of the only Certified Bamboo-Fusion™ practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area at this time.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo was originally used because it’s round, hard, smooth, has antibacterial qualities, is a renewable resource and has innate healing properties. Hollow bamboo doesn’t hold heat, so Nathalie Cecilia used bamboo composition, similar to that in bamboo flooring, and crafted it into solid round pieces of various sizes and shapes that retain heat. The silky smooth surface feels incredible!

Can I get burned?

No. It’s completely safe and painless. The bamboo is always being held in the therapist’s hands, so you can be sure that the temperature is never too hot.

Does the pressure go deep? Does it hurt? Will I be sore the next day?

Since the heat does most of the work to melt the knots and tension, it allows Ronne to work the deeper layers of muscle without having to use as much pressure. Although the results are similar to a deep tissue massage, it does not hurt and you should not be sore the next day.

What if the weather is hot?

The office is air conditioned so you’ll always be cool. If you like you can enjoy a refreshing cool-down mist at the end of the session.

Is there anything special I have to do?

It’s a good idea not to eat a heavy meal beforehand. As with all massages, it’s advisable to drink plenty of water afterwards to stay hydrated.

Can I exercise afterwards?

Yes, as with any massage, start out slowly to warm up and then gradually build up to your normal routine. In fact, most people say they’re more flexible, have a better workout and perform better at sports.

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